Five years after the initial outbreak the U.S. government is calling the Plague a Metabolic mutation caused by the introduction of a viral agent called a Zaegella. The outbreak has touched down on every continent except Antarctica and many world powers have fallen to the onslaught. In northeastern Illinois a group of survivors bides its time in the remnants of the Andrew Jackson Airforce base. The perimeter has withstood five years of shamblers and as the exact five year aniversary arrives the surviving populace has to answer to the complete absence of infected. None had been spotted for fifteen days when the elected camp chief elected seven scouts to leave the installation and travel to a nearby textile factory where rumor tells a group has begun to send mayday signals intended to bring rescue. As a member of this band you will survey the devestation of the surface and return with information from the textile survivors.


The genetic mutation; a metabolic accelerant caused the infected to metabolize their cells at an astonishing rate. In the early months of the war a group of scientists at Andrew Jackson Airforce base discovered the anomoly. Their efforts came at the cost of many lives. Dr. Kitetail the leading medical researcher on the team recorded the first successful vaccination on himself on March 11, 1948. The antivirus Zygotic serum worked in nearly half of all participants. The body rejected the medicine in 51% of the cases. In those to whom the serum was fatal a natural death came after violent seizing, evacuation and quickening livor mortis.


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