Wynona Martin

You white son-of-a-bitch!

Wynonah Martin  [Wynonah Mato-zi (First Born, Gold Bear)]
Oglala Lakota
19 years
141 lbs
Female Human Charismatic Hero 2/Dedicated Hero 1
Medium Humanoid
AL: Mato-zi tiwahe, Oglala Lakota, law
Init: +1 (Dex)
Senses: Spot +7, Listen +4
Languages: English (Speak, Literate), Lakota (Speak)
AC 13 (+1 Dex, +2 Class); Touch 13, Flat 12
HP: 5/18 (2 hd)
MD: 10
Saves: Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +3
Sanity: 45/45
Speed: 30'
BaB: +1; Grp +0
Ranged: +2; +3 Point Blank, +1 damage
Melee: +0
Ranged: 12 gauge +2 (2d8, 20; 30', 7 rounds); Point Blank +3, +1 damage
Ranged: Colt M1911A1 +2 (2d6, 20/x2; 30', 5/7 rounds; .45), +1 clip, Point Blank +3; +1 damage
Combat Gear: 12 Gauge, Colt M1911, 1 clip .45 ammo.
Abilities: Str 8, Dex 13, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 16
Action Points: 6
SQ: Reputation +3, Creative [Perform (sing, string instruments), Spot], 
     Coordinate (DC 10 Cha, 1 ally, +1 attack & skill, 3 rounds), Skill Emphasis (Drive)
Feats: Simple Weapons, Personal Firearms, Creative (Perform (Sing), 
     Perform (Stringed)), Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot
Skills: Craft (writing (song)) +4, Diplomacy +6, Drive +4, Gather Info +6,
     Intimidate +4, Listen +4, Knowledge (Pop Culture) +1, Knowledge (Streetwise) +1, 
     Perform (Sing) +10, Perform (String Instruments) +10, 
     Profession (Musician) +6, Sleight of Hand +2, Spot +7, Tumble +2.5
Wealth: +9
Possessions: Combat Gear plus kay acoustic archtop, black day dress.
Gear (at House): hunting rifle, hunting knife, hand gun, gibson ES-150 Electric Archtop,
     gun license, day dresses (Blue, black, yellow), performing dress (blue),
     drugs (pot, peiote, paraphinalia), radio, bike, 1 box rifle ammo,
     1 box pistol ammo
T-19 (1926): Born in reservation. Tuesday, June 29th.
T-06 (1939): Left on tour, her family letting her go on the condition that she 
     make a better life for herself.
T-03 (1942): Recording Strike.
T-01 (1944): Band breaks up as several key members pounce on better offers.

1945 august 21st (tuesday)

burial of: jason tompson (half native), Clifford smith, joe malcom

truck stuck on way pack.
Tom chased by 2 dogs.
(kyle) bitten.

tom dies, attacks.

find first herst, 2 zombies.
2 women hidden in casket.
(kyle) and (john) bitten.

XP 350

enter town
fight zombies at bar
bart dies in wine cellar.
(John's PC) turns, killed.
Sent to police station for radio and wagon.
rescue mayor's children.
enter station.
Sherif gone.
let out a prisoner (john's new character).
Standoff between new character and everyone.

XP 750 level

level 2 - + 1 BAB, +1 Ref & Fort, bonus feat (Point blank shot), +1 defense,
     +2 rep, 1d6 hp, 6 action points, 7 skill points.

spot +2, listen +2 (4), intimidate +1

Finger backed down.
Group split to recover persons from bar.
Fought zombies at back door.
Cop & Mechanic arrived at station.
Recovery group defeated zombie at bar.
(brad) scratched.
Everyone returned to bar.
Big confentation with Finger, Wynona threated to shoot him if he acted up one more time.
Slept for night.

XP +450

Most slept well enough for the night.
Dick and (rick) discused getting the contents of the station safe.
Group had morning coffie.
Dick decided to 'persuade' the deputy to give them guns.
Brad was told to remain in the room, but bolted.
Dick drew his gun.
Hilarity ensuded.
Finger grabs the kid and dick walks out.
Rick beats him to the deputy who already has the guns in a bag.
Dick continues to be a jerk.
Guns are gathered, group gets ready to leave.
1 group went in squad car, rest in herst.
2 infected outside back door.
Finger gets scractched, but zombies are put down.
Jumped by a CLOWN ZOMBIE.  Knocks biff down but fall and is taken out.
Group in front deals with 4 zombies.
??? injured.
Picked up butcher on way to mayors place.
Mayor's place full of infected, tree fallen on fench.

+250 XP

Sqaud car looses control, hits the wall around the manor.
Wynona, the butcher, Bif, Artie and Gab were traped inside.  Bif unconsious from the crash.
The herse drove over several zombies before it was able to turn.
Wynona, the Butcher and Gab fought off several zombies, Artie bit/scrached several times.
Many zombies inside the walls attempted to climb the walls and the gate, attracted by the crash.
As the herse turned around, biff was dragged out of the car, artie climbed on top of the hood to fight and the butcher ran for it.
A zombie entered the car and bit Gab before it was shot from the herse.
Artie killed another and headed north while the herse finally made it back.  Dick & Skip offed one comming up the street, while Wynona wounded one commin in the back window.  The bucher charged the zombies on the back, but droped his knife into the back of the car.
Biff, meanwhile, was eaten some more.
He didn't like that much, and died.
A trio of zombies end the butcher.
As everyone piled out of the herse, Gab turned on Wynona, harming her clothing as she hit him with her shotgun butt, as she was trapped in the car.
Buck takes out Gab, whose chest bursts all over her as his corpse falls on her, his head in her lap.
Four new zombies show up, one much different than the others.
Artie tries to climb up to the roof of the mansion via a tree, attracting many zombies away from the wall.
Outside, Wynona and Dick fell back, leaving Buck to face the bulk of hte creatures as they tried to pull him off the car.
The green beast charged and lept to bite Skip on the back of the herse.
Wynona moved under the herse, failing time and again to wound the beast.
Most of the others moved back into the gate area, trying to open the gate to enter the house, while Artie climbed to the roof, but soon lept down to fight some more.
One of the boys died as the gate was opened, as the group failed again and again to dent the number of the remaining hords.

50 xp for me.

Shit happened.  Cars crashed.  People died.  Wynona is < 0 hp.  And she was bitten.

+1200 xp.  If I live.

Level 3.

Dedicated Hero (+1 Fort & Will), Talent (Skill Emphasis), Defense +1, Rep +1, 1d6 hp (5), 5 skills, feat (precise shot or great fort), 6 ap.

cha 2, dedicated 5, Strong 3 (6, 7/4/4, Robust & DR 1/-, or DR 2/-)
cha 2, dedicated 8 (7 bab, 6/4/4, Cool Under Preasure & ???)

treat injury by doctor - +1 hp; at -7.

Having arrived in the major's house, the doctor begain to work on wynona, while Artie bathed and tried to loot the house.  The mayor blew his brains out as Artie came into his room, leading to much happenings, including the maid very nearly offing Artie.  And the remaining son walked in on it.

After several hours, Wynona was awake and somewhat healed.  at 5 hp.

+500 xp.

Wynona Martin

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