First night after IT happened

sleepless under bloody covers

The station is quiet tonight. Those THINGS are out there… just lurking around the perimeters like they smell something edible inside. Everyone is on edge and the Sheriff won’t even look my way after I turned in my badge. None of these people have seen what I’ve seen. The only thing worse than the creatures outside is the gang of selfish humans inside. Anyone of these power hungry townies would push a bystander in the face of danger just to survive. It won’t be me. By God, it won’t be me.

h1. That whiskey I drank is going right through me. I thought it would deaden the memory of the sound. Slurping, ripping, screaming… but no. Nothing can erase the memory. The world is different now and nothing will change that. I guess I’ll lock myself in a cell until morning. God, that sound…



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